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Who’s ready for more Summer Sisters??!!

It’s time! FINALLY! The fourth installment in the Summer Sisters series is LIVE!

They’re back – Payton, Jaime, AJ, Meghan, Abby, and Lexi… Ryan, Dean, Levi…
And of course, Grandma and Grandpa! Oh, they really outdo themselves in this one!

My Kinda Mess focuses on Lexi and her smokin’ hot neighbor, Linkin.
The chemistry is off the charts. They both carry a lot of baggage.
But she wants one thing… A BABY.

My Kinda Mess

Grab your copy NOW for only $2.99 USD!

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My Kinda Mess Exclusive Excerpt:

“Thank you for breakfast. I’m gonna head out,” she says, pointing towards the door.

“Wait,” I say, grabbing her hand before she can run far, far away. That, and I really just like to touch her. Her skin is so soft and smells fucking amazing. “I want to talk to you about something.”

Leading her into the living room, we take a seat beside each other on the couch. Our knees touch, but she doesn’t pull away, which makes me smile a little on the inside. Of course I don’t show it. She’ll eat me alive. “What’s up?”

Clearing my throat, I just decide to put it all out there. “You want to have a baby, right?”

Alarm clouds her eyes as she gazes over at me. She’s on high alert and doesn’t say anything. Maybe she doesn’t remember telling me last night all about her desire to get knocked up, but there’s no way I could forget it. Especially after my idea started to grow roots.

“Yeah,” she whispers, her tone defensive and her foot tapping a heavy beat on the carpet.

“Well, I’ll give you a baby.”

She blinks once, twice, a dozen times. I don’t say anything else, but wait for her reply. My heart is pounding and my own desire to tap my foot is strong, but I hold off. Her eyes search my face, looking for something, but I’m not sure what. The she starts laughing. Like full-belly, rolling on the ground, grasping your stomach in side-splitting pain, kinda laughing.

“Oh my God, that was the best joke I’ve ever heard,” she says, wiping tears from under her eyes.

“I’m not joking, Lex.” Again, I wait for my words to sink in.

Slowly, her laughter subsides and her eyes change from humorous to serious to disbelief. “Of course you are. That was a joke,” she insists.

“Not even a little bit,” I confirm, giving her a smile. “You want a baby, and I can give you one.” Lexi starts to shake her head and opens her mouth to speak, but I cut her off. “Just wait a second. Hear me out.”

Standing up, I drop to my knees in front of her. Her eyes are wide with shock as she stares straight at me. “You need sperm, and well, I have some. Do you really want to have a baby with a turkey baster?”

“It doesn’t really matter how I get one,” she starts, stuttering.

“Of course it does. We’re doing this the old fashioned way, sweetheart.”

“We?” she asks, her eyebrows flying into her hair.

“We. You and me.”



What’s next?

My Kinda Player – AJ & Sawyer (spring 2018)
My Kinda Forever – Meghan (summer 2018)

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Lacey ❤

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Where can you find Lacey in 2018?

March 17, 2018 Wanderlust in Indy, Indianapolis IN

May 26, 2018 Vancouver Author Event, Vancouver Canada

June 23, 2018 Cleveland Author Event, Cleveland, OH

July 21, 2018 Writers on the River, Peoria, IL

November 10, 2018 For The Love of Books & Chicago, Chicago, IL

May, 2019 Romancing The Falls, Niagara Falls Canada


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The Cover is here for My Kinda Forever!

It’s time! It’s finally time to reveal the gorgeous new cover for My Kinda Forever! I’ve been waiting for weeks, and it’s FINALLY TIME!!

My Kinda Forever
Summer Sisters book 6
Release date – 8/28/18


Photographer & Cover Design – Sara Eirew
Cover Models – Amanda Renee & Jacob Eanniollo

* Blurb *

Alone. Everything changed for Meghan Summer that fateful February night. All she had, all she saw in her future, was stripped away in the blink of an eye. Even though she finds herself surrounded by her growing family, at the end of the day, there’s nothing but a gaping hole where her heart once beat. Or so she thinks…

Her. Nick Adams shouldn’t want her. First off, she’s his employee and friend, but more importantly, she’s grieving the loss of her fiancé. Even now, more than two years later, which is why it’s important he be there for Meghan as her confidante, without checking out her stellar ass. However, his heart is pulling him toward her…

Together. How do you move past the hurt and pain to forge a new normal? Can Nick and Meghan make a go of their connection? What happens when their newfound love is put to the ultimate test as another is brought in the mix: a ghost.

*Though part of a series, this book can be read as a standalone. It is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.




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Read an exclusive excerpt here…

More than an hour after we finish our pizza, Starship’s “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” begins to play over the sound system. “I love this song! Come on, one last spin around the rink before we head home,” she says, standing up and reaching for my hand. I take it instantly, and even though my feet aren’t excited for the last skate, I follow her back into the main area.

We keep our fingers entwined as we glide around the rink, singing along with the music. Every time she glances my way, I’m rewarded with a blinding smile. When I build up the confidence, I swing her out and watch as she does a little spin move. I snatch up her hand again as I cruise by, pulling her along until we’re skating side-by-side again.

We are laughing, carrying on, and enjoying the moment, when suddenly, someone stops in front of us. I visualize the crash moments before I feel it. In an attempt to save Meghan from going down with me, I try to spin her out, only to get the front wheels of our skates tangled up.

The result is painful. We go down hard, a tangled mess of arms and legs, not to mention the fact that the weight of the skates makes it difficult to determine where exactly your foot is going to end up. For me, it ends up at an awkward angle that includes a pull, followed by a bit of a burn.

I gaze down at the woman lying next to me on the hard floor, ready to pull every apology I can out of my ass. Before I can open my mouth, she bursts into fits of laughter. In fact, she’s laughing so hard, I’m pretty sure there are tears in her eyes.

“Christ, are you okay?” I ask, trying to keep from panicking at the thought of hurting Meghan.

“That wasn’t supposed to happen,” she giggles, her green eyes sparkling like brilliant emeralds beneath the spinning disco balls.

“Fuck no, it wasn’t. Are you all right?” I ask, glancing down to make sure no bones are protruding from her body.

“I’m fine,” she says, a bit breathless from our spill.

When I finish my perusal for injuries, I discover my hand and so much more. My eyes are riveted to her thighs, where her pink dress is pulled up to her waist. Her smooth, creamy skin is on full display, and my very male brain zeros in on the sliver of pink lace between her legs. My mouth goes dry and my cock rigid. Suddenly, it’s hotter than Hell inside this place and I can’t breath. Quickly, I pull the hem of her dress enough to cover what was exposed by the spill. I go to pull on the neck of my shirt, but my hand won’t move. It won’t move because it’s plastered on her outer thigh, my fingers grazing the globe of her ass.

Sweet mother of God, I’m touching Meghan’s thigh.

And can see her panties.

I’ll jack off to this exact image for the rest of my life.

“Nick?” My name on her lips is both a question and a plea. My eyes zero in on her lips. Those full, lush, completely kissable lips. Suddenly, tasting those lips is the only thing I can think about, the only thing I want.

With out eyes locked, my head dips down, her lips drawing closer and closer with each passing second. I can feel her breath fan across my face until I’m right there – my lips are a whisper away from hers. It would take very minimal movement and I would be kissing Meghan.

I don’t want to question it, but I do hesitate. I need to give her time to realize what’s happening. When her sexy little tongue slips out and licks her lips, I know what her answer is. Her eyes close a moment later, and I get ready to make my move. I didn’t even realize how much I wanted this kiss until this exact moment, and now, I want it more than I want air. No, I need it.

“Spill on aisle four!” a skater hollers as he whizzes by, pulling us out of the moment.

Meghan’s eyes fly open and crash into mine, the almost-kiss moment shattering like a glass vase on the ground, and realization settles in. We’re sprawled out on the floor, in the middle of the rink, and I was about to kiss Meghan. Publicly. Our first kiss was almost witnessed by half the town of Cooper, and two-dozen teenagers with smart phones.

Superb job, Nicholas.


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A Place To Call Home is #FREE

🇺🇸 FREE for Memorial Day 🇺🇸

In honor of Memorial Day, my Honor novella is FREE (almost) everywhere! Former flames reunite when faced with tragedy.

#SecondChanceRomance #Freebie



Eight years ago, Colbi Leigh fled her safe little hometown in Kentucky and followed her dreams to New York City. She left everything behind: her parents, her brother, and the love of her life, Aiden Hughes. Now, Colbi must return home in the wake of her brother’s unexpected death in Afghanistan where she’s about to come face-to-face with her old demons.

Aiden has been left unsettled since his one true love left him for something else in the Big Apple eight long years ago. After the unexpected death of his oldest friend, who was serving in the Army, Aiden finally comes face-to-face with the woman who stole his heart and has haunted his dreams.

What happens when old lovers reunite in the midst of tragedy? Is it finally a happily ever after, or will their dreams tear them apart once more?

APTCH_Lacey Black_Love_Teaser.jpg

Grab your copy NOW!

Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Barnes & Noble iBooks ~ Kobo

**NOTE: Amazon still has not dropped the price for certain territories, so please verify the price before clicking! I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but Amazon has been “working on it” for 9 days.

Grab your copy TODAY before it goes back up!

*This 23k novella was originally released in The Honor Anthology in May 2016.

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My Kinda Player Paperbacks are HERE!


Paperbacks are HERE! Aren’t they gorgeous? No, My Kinda Player isn’t “the end” of the series. Those two words were created with pages of My Kinda Kisses and I just like showing them off. 😉

Get your copy of My Kinda Player NOW!
Amazon US ~ Amazon CA ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AU
Kobo ~ Google Play ~ B&N ~ iBooks
Add to your Goodreads TBR list HERE!

**Order personalized paperbacks directly from Lacey HERE!

Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding this series:

Q: When will Meghan’s book drop?
A: Okay, here’s the deal. I have another writing obligation that must be completed before I can start Meghan’s book. So, I am planning a mid to late summer release of her book. No definite release date yet.

Q: Can their dad (Brian) please find love??
A: Yes. 🙂

Q: I don’t want this series to end. Please don’t let it end! (Okay, not technically a question.)
A: I promise you will like what’s next. No details because I won’t give anything away – we do have another book to go, you know. But, I promise you haven’t seen the last of the Summer sisters or their grandparents!


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Batter Up! My Kinda Player is LIVE!!

I can’t believe we’ve reached the fifth book in the series. This one is AJ’s book, and frankly, one of my favorites! Okay, there’s all my favorites, but I really loved telling her story.

My Kinda Player is LIVE at all retailers!

Remember, all of the books in the series can be read as a standalone, but are better enhanced when you follow each of them. If you read My Kinda Mess, you saw a hint of Sawyer at the very end of the book. The chemistry between them was instant, even though you only saw a few seconds of them together. Well, now you can find out the rest of what happened that night at Lucky’s Bar…


Grab your copy today for only $2.99!!
Amazon US ~ Amazon CA ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AU
Google Play ~ Barnes & Noble ~ iBooks ~ Kobo
Add My Kinda Player to your Goodreads TBR List!


Exclusive Excerpt:

The house is dark as we enter from a mudroom. I pause to kick off my shoes, but don’t get very far when I’m pulled farther into the house. We pass an expansive kitchen, but I don’t have time to admire the appliances before we reach the living room. Moonlight filters through the windows along the back wall, giving off just enough light to see.

“Wow, this place is –” I start, but my words are cut off as I spin around and am claimed by his kiss.

His lips are urgent and dominating as his fingers thrust into my hair, gripping and holding my head tightly. He devours. He claims. That’s the only way to describe this most epic kiss. The kiss of all kisses. Holy hell, my entire body is alive, a reckless charge of electricity and desire.

Our lips remain locked, our tongues battling for control and as he lifts me with one hand, my legs wrapping around his waist. I can feel every gloriously hard inch of his erection between my legs, rubbing against the one place I need him most. I’m practically panting with need.

Sawyer spins around, pressing me firmly into the wall. Somewhere in the distance something breaks, the sound of glass shattering fills the room. But neither of us stops. We’re unable to.

My legs tighten around him as he thrusts upward. The friction between my legs is both heaven and hell. His clothes, my clothes, they all need to disappear. Fast. His hand returns to my head, his callused fingers sliding up my neck and gently gripping my jaw. I gasp huge gulps of sweet oxygen when he rips his lips from my own. Our eyes are locked intently, his breath panting against my lips, our bodies begging for more.

It’s right then that I know: this won’t be gentle and it won’t be enough.

It may never be enough.


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Lacey ❤

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My Kinda Player **COVER REVEAL**

It’s here! It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting to share this gorgeous new cover with you for weeks. And now…IT’S TIME!!

AJ’s story has been one I’ve been anxious to share. The book is with my editing team, has gone through the beta process, and is being polished for release! So, without further ado, here is the cover of the fifth installment in the hilarious Summer Sisters series.


My Kinda Player
Summer Sisters book 5
Releases April 17, 2018

Photographer & Cover design – Sara Eirew
Cover Models – Justin Edwards & Marilou Genest

Pre-order your copy NOW!

Amazon US ~ Amazon CA ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon AU
Add My Kinda Player to your Goodreads TBR list HERE!



AJ Summer witnessed four of her sisters fall in love and settle down. But not her. She’s stuck in a rut, destined to spend the rest of her life watching from the dugout, kissing frogs. Then one night, she meets a mysterious stranger, who makes her feel alive and realize she’s not as broken as she thought–until she wakes up alone.

Sawyer Randall lost everything in a split-second when a game-winning play resulted in a career-ending injury. Looking for a fresh start, he settles into the cozy beach town of Jupiter Bay. A chance meeting with a gorgeous woman leaves him restless and anxious for something he swore he’d never want again–love.

But sometimes Prince Charming isn’t who he seems. What happens when circumstances are misleading? Will their love be strong enough to see them through unscathed? Or will AJ be played by the player?

*Though part of a series, this book can be read as a standalone. It is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.



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Where can you find Lacey in 2018?
Vancouver Author Event, Vancouver Canada ~ May 26, 2018
Cleveland Author Event, Cleveland, OH ~ June 23, 2018
Writers On The River, Peoria, IL ~ July 21, 2018
For The Love of Books & Chicago, Chicago, IL ~ November 10, 2018


Until next time,
Lacey ❤

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**COVER REVEAL** My Kinda Mess!!

I’m SOOOOOOO excited to share the latest cover in the Summer Sisters series!

My Kinda Mess
Summer Sisters, book 4
Release date: January 16, 2018

My Kinda Mess


All her life, Lexi Summer has dreamed of one thing: to become a mother. As the youngest of six, she’s accustomed to the chaos and camaraderie that comes with a big family, which is why she has been anxious to get a jump on this next phase in her life. She thought she had it all: the perfect house, husband, and future. Until one secret rips it all apart.

Nothing in Linkin Stone’s life has been easy. Raised by a single mom, working two jobs, and helping with his much younger twin brothers which keep him on his toes, and working two jobs. He busts his butt to right the wrong of someone from his past and keep the ones he loves safe. He doesn’t need anyone or anything. But that all changes the moment he meets his sexy, feisty neighbor, Lexi.

When fates collide, two people on separate paths suddenly find themselves traveling the same road. Could an easy friendship turn into something more? Or in the end, will their decision kinda create one big mess?

*Though part of a series, this book can be read as a standalone. It is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.


Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA ~ Amazon AU
*All other retailers closer to release day!

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Looking for a fun holiday read that supports a great cause?!
I partnered with 4 other amazing authors to bring you
Mrs. Claus, A Christmas Anthology!

Grab the Mrs. Claus Anthology for ONLY $.99!!

My contribution, Exes and Ho Ho Ho’s, is a fun and flirty second chance story with plenty of LOL moments and some steamy one-on-one Santa and Mrs. Claus alone time.

Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA ~ Amazon AU ~ Nook ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

Exes and HoHoHo's_Teaser_LaceyBlack

Why Tiffany Thomas Foundation?
This message from Amanda Lanclos:
“On July 5th, I got a phone call that any best friend would hate to get… we need you, Mikey drowned last night and she needs you to be her strength. While going through this horrible experience an amazing charity stepped in and paid for the funeral expenses.

I asked four amazing authors to team up with me to give back to this charity that gave so much to my heartbroken friend. If you love books, please get Mrs. Claus! It’s only .99 and all proceeds go to the Tiffany Thomas Memorial Fund in honor of Michael “Mikey” Marino.”

Young couple in love hugs in winter forest


Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a Book Lover?!?

Lacey Black Paperbacks are available for purchase!

Send me an Email to to get started!
Paperbacks are $14 each, including domestic US shipping, and are in stock.
International shipping is $15 additional for 1-2 books, $20 additional for 3 or more books.


Until next time,

Lacey ❤

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