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**Boss Me is LIVE**

Boss Me, Rivers Edge book 5 is LIVE!

Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion of the Amazon Bestselling Rivers Edge series!



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Oh, but that’s not all! I have a surprise for you! I wasn’t quite ready to let Rivers Edge and the Stevens family go yet. So at the end of Boss Me, you’ll find a extra chapter…in Elizabeth’s POV! Mama Stevens plays a key role in the lives of her children, so it seemed only fair to finish out the series with her thoughts. Of course, you’ll be hearing from Michael, too, and catching a glimpse of the entire family a few years into the future.



I will have TONS of giveaways going on throughout Release Day over on my author Facebook page. Be sure you stop by often and check out each giveaways. I’ll have signed books, bracelets, e-books, and gift cards! Here’s the link for my page:

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Dear Readers,

I can’t tell you how much this series means to me. I live and breathe Rivers Edge and have since March 2014. To see it draw to a close weighs so very heavily on my heart. But with each chapter that closes, a new one begins. So what’s next? Well, you didn’t really think I was giving up Rivers Edge completely did you?! I have partnered with an amazing group of talented authors and we’re raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. This November, an anthology titled Christmas Miracles will release, and inside you’ll find a novella featuring our very first Rivers Edge couple, Maddox and Avery. I can’t wait to share their mini-Christmas getaway with you!! More to come in November! Also, I’m working on a sexy new trilogy. Bound Together Trilogy will feature 3 new hero and heroines, each couple bound together for life following one night of passion. Watch for the first book in the series, Submerged, to release in 2016!

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to say, but THANK YOU for your support and encouragement. I do what I do because I have a story to tell, but knowing that i have such amazing readers who are snatching up these books and actually reading them still blows my mind! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Until next time,

Lacey ❤