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Profited is LIVE!

I’m SO excited to say…It’s LIVE!


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Neither of us speaks on the drive towards his house. I watch as streetlights and buildings pass. Eventually, Reid steers us towards a residential area. The houses are massive and the lawns pristine, even for living in the middle of a damn desert.

When we pull into a gated driveway, my heart rate kicks up, and considering it was beating at stroke level the entire ride, that’s saying something. Reid casually keys in his code, which grants us access to his home. And holy shit is it a home! The massive white house can only be described as an exquisite mansion.

Evidently, I must make some noise to clue Reid into my shock. “It’s just a house, sweetheart,” he says as he drives his car into the biggest garage I’ve ever seen. There are four individual bays but the cars are two deep. As I take in the amount of wheels in this room, I’m not too much of a girl to realize that the back row consists of rare, expensive cars.

“Just a house,” I repeat as Reid opens the passenger door. His garage is bigger than my entire house.

“This way,” Reid says, placing his warm hand on my lower back. I notice as we head towards the entryway that he’s carrying my overnight bag. Good thing he remembered, because my nerves are so frayed, I completely forgot about retrieving my bag.

Reid opens the door, motioning for me to enter. This is it. There’s no turning back now, not that I have ever thought about turning back.

I want this.

I’ve wanted this since I dragged myself out of that tent in the early morning light all those years ago. The morning I knew that my life would never be the same again. In that morning light, I knew. I knew Reid was different than every single boy, guy, or man I’ve ever known. He left his imprint on my life and deep in my heart, and not entirely because of the child we created together.

I lost a bit of my heart to Reid Hunter that night in the desert, and if I’m not careful, I’m going to find myself in the same situation again. Only this time, there’ll be no getting it back. There’ll be no turning around and walking away. Reid Hunter will own me completely.

The scary part is, he already might.


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