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💋💋My Kinda Kisses is LIVE! 💋💋

💋💋 It’s LIVE! 💋💋

Sparks fly in this small town romance! 6 sisters all with their own story to tell. My Kinda Kisses, book 1 in the Summer Sisters series is live for only $2.99!


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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Since you boys are all dating my granddaughters, I -” Orval starts, but is cut off.

“Wait. I’m not dating a granddaughter. We’re just friends,” Levi cuts in, sitting up straight in his chair.

“Potato, poe-tah-toe. Maybe you should get your keester off the sidelines and play ball before someone else benches you for good.” The pointed look he gives Levi has him sliding back down in his seat and averting his gaze. Interesting.

“What I want to talk with you about today is sexting,” Orval says as he throws his first bag.

Eyes as wide as dinner plates, I look over to Levi and Josh and see them both snickering uncontrollably.

“Don’t laugh, don’t laugh. Back in the day, we didn’t have these fancy little devices that you could use to send dirty messages or pictures. We had to draw a picture and send it in the mail or use the telephone and call them. Now, with all this technology stuff, you guys can snap a dick pic or send a naughty message in seconds.”

Josh spews the swig of beer he just took. “Did he just say dick pic?” he asks Levi.

“I’m serious, boys. Girls love getting naughty messages. It lets them know you’re thinking about them.”

“Or you could send a message that says thinking of you,” I add through fits of laughter.

“Boring. Nothing says I miss you and am thinking of you like a picture of your dick.” Orval says with a pointed look. “Emma loves it when I send her messages on her little phone-thingy. It makes her all sorts of crazy when I’m in the next room and she gets a picture of me holding my -” Orval says, but is cut off again.

“Dick pics. Got it. Thanks.” Tears brim Levi’s eyes as he tries to control his laughter.

“You boys will thank me one day,” Orval adds with a firm head nod.


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