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Paperbacks are Here!

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Today was like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and my anniversary ALL wrapped up into one!  I arrived home to see a box full of Trust Me Paperbacks!!  I would be lying if I said I didn’t have tears in my eyes as I ripped open that shipping tape from the top of the box.  It’s hard to put into words the feeling I had when I first saw them and held the one on top in my hands.  Six months ago, this was still just a dream.  Today, I held that dream in my hand.  It’s an amazing feeling!

Check out this stack of books!

Check out this stack of books!

So, now I ask… who wants a Trust Me paperback?!  I’ve had a few comments and emails asking about them so here’s the deal:

Yes, you can get them through Amazon.  OR you can get one from me and I will happily sign the inside and send it to you.

For a paperback through me, it is $12.  This includes shipping for shipping inside of the continental US.  If you are outside of the continental US, please send me an email with your address/country.  I will go to my local post office and inquire about the cost of shipping before I send it to you.  Deal?

If you would like to order a paperback, please email me at  Include your shipping address.  I use Paypal to invoice so if you have Paypal, please include your e-mail address you’d like the invoice sent to.  If you don’t use Paypal, let me know.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support through this entire process!  And get ready… Jake & Erin are coming soon 🙂



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