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💋💋My Kinda Kisses is LIVE! 💋💋

💋💋 It’s LIVE! 💋💋

Sparks fly in this small town romance! 6 sisters all with their own story to tell. My Kinda Kisses, book 1 in the Summer Sisters series is live for only $2.99!


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Exclusive Excerpt:

“Since you boys are all dating my granddaughters, I -” Orval starts, but is cut off.

“Wait. I’m not dating a granddaughter. We’re just friends,” Levi cuts in, sitting up straight in his chair.

“Potato, poe-tah-toe. Maybe you should get your keester off the sidelines and play ball before someone else benches you for good.” The pointed look he gives Levi has him sliding back down in his seat and averting his gaze. Interesting.

“What I want to talk with you about today is sexting,” Orval says as he throws his first bag.

Eyes as wide as dinner plates, I look over to Levi and Josh and see them both snickering uncontrollably.

“Don’t laugh, don’t laugh. Back in the day, we didn’t have these fancy little devices that you could use to send dirty messages or pictures. We had to draw a picture and send it in the mail or use the telephone and call them. Now, with all this technology stuff, you guys can snap a dick pic or send a naughty message in seconds.”

Josh spews the swig of beer he just took. “Did he just say dick pic?” he asks Levi.

“I’m serious, boys. Girls love getting naughty messages. It lets them know you’re thinking about them.”

“Or you could send a message that says thinking of you,” I add through fits of laughter.

“Boring. Nothing says I miss you and am thinking of you like a picture of your dick.” Orval says with a pointed look. “Emma loves it when I send her messages on her little phone-thingy. It makes her all sorts of crazy when I’m in the next room and she gets a picture of me holding my -” Orval says, but is cut off again.

“Dick pics. Got it. Thanks.” Tears brim Levi’s eyes as he tries to control his laughter.

“You boys will thank me one day,” Orval adds with a firm head nod.


Until Next Time,

Lacey 💋

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I am SO excited to share the gorgeous new cover for my new RomCom series! Sara Eirew, my amazingly talented photographer and cover artist, blows me away time and time again. She really brought Ryan and Jaime’s cover to life! This story is about second chances and passion and every kind of kiss you can imagine. You will meet the 6 Summer sisters, as well as their wildly inappropriate grandparents. So let’s not wait any longer…



Amazon US:
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Other retailers on release day!

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Life never goes as planned. Jaime Summer learned that lesson the hard way when her fiancé wreaked havoc on her carefully constructed life plan. Now, Jaime’s back in her hometown, working at her sister’s flower shop and living with her family once again, swearing off dating and men for the rest of her life. That is, until Ryan Elson walks through the door.

Ryan has been in Jupiter Bay for a year now, and has worked hard to make this new town his home. His construction business is growing and while his personal relationships with the fairer sex are lacking, he’s more content than he’s ever been. He doesn’t need a woman, but a chance meeting with Jaime has Ryan ready to pull out all the stops to have her.

Exhilarating. Intoxicating. Consuming. Ravenous. Passionate. What happens when those kisses lead towards something more? Something that looks a lot like forever.

*This book is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.


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Profited is LIVE!

I’m SO excited to say…It’s LIVE!


Buying Links:
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Signed Paperback

Neither of us speaks on the drive towards his house. I watch as streetlights and buildings pass. Eventually, Reid steers us towards a residential area. The houses are massive and the lawns pristine, even for living in the middle of a damn desert.

When we pull into a gated driveway, my heart rate kicks up, and considering it was beating at stroke level the entire ride, that’s saying something. Reid casually keys in his code, which grants us access to his home. And holy shit is it a home! The massive white house can only be described as an exquisite mansion.

Evidently, I must make some noise to clue Reid into my shock. “It’s just a house, sweetheart,” he says as he drives his car into the biggest garage I’ve ever seen. There are four individual bays but the cars are two deep. As I take in the amount of wheels in this room, I’m not too much of a girl to realize that the back row consists of rare, expensive cars.

“Just a house,” I repeat as Reid opens the passenger door. His garage is bigger than my entire house.

“This way,” Reid says, placing his warm hand on my lower back. I notice as we head towards the entryway that he’s carrying my overnight bag. Good thing he remembered, because my nerves are so frayed, I completely forgot about retrieving my bag.

Reid opens the door, motioning for me to enter. This is it. There’s no turning back now, not that I have ever thought about turning back.

I want this.

I’ve wanted this since I dragged myself out of that tent in the early morning light all those years ago. The morning I knew that my life would never be the same again. In that morning light, I knew. I knew Reid was different than every single boy, guy, or man I’ve ever known. He left his imprint on my life and deep in my heart, and not entirely because of the child we created together.

I lost a bit of my heart to Reid Hunter that night in the desert, and if I’m not careful, I’m going to find myself in the same situation again. Only this time, there’ll be no getting it back. There’ll be no turning around and walking away. Reid Hunter will own me completely.

The scary part is, he already might.


If you’re new to the Bound Together series, you can grab Blake & Carly’s story in Submerged for only $.99 for a limited time!!


Submerged Buying Links:
Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA ~ iBooks ~ Barnes & Noble ~ Kobo

Thank you for celebrating another Release with me! If you’re a Lacey Black super fan, you’re welcome to join my Street Team/Fan Club. Join the Ladies here… Lacey’s Ladies

Until next time,
Lacey ❤

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Writers On The River, July 9th in Peoria IL ~ WOTR Facebook Page

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Profited Cover Reveal

I can’t wait to share the newest cover in the Bound Together series! The story picks up after Blake and Carly in Submerged and is a standalone – though you’ll still see some returning characters. Are you ready to meet Reid Hunter?

Profited, Bound Together book 2
Release Date: June 28, 2016

Photographer & Cover Design: Sara Eirew
Cover Model: Mat Wolf

Profited_Lacey Black_Cover

One night. Let go. Be free.

Even at an early age, Reid Hunter’s future was already planned out. Though he was groomed to become successor of the family business, he quickly discovered his destiny wasn’t through his family’s legacy, but to build his own empire. His plan: takeover Vegas, one building at a time. Known as a hard, no-nonsense man, inside the boardroom and out, Reid isn’t prepared when he comes face to face with a woman from his past. The only one with the ability to make him question everything he stands for.

Raising a child is hard. Raising a child as a young, single mother is downright difficult. Yet Dani Whitley has managed to put herself through college, purchase her own home, and raise the unexpected, but greatly adored son she created while in college, after one night with a gorgeous stranger. Knowing nothing but his first name, Dani has managed to push all thought of Reid out of her mind until one day, nine years later, she is forced to face the man himself. Ruthless and callous, Reid Hunter is nothing like the young man she met at that music festival all those years ago. Yet Dani is still drawn to him, more than she was before.

Sin. Money. Success. Profits.
That’s the foundation of Las Vegas. But what happens when one day you realize that it’s not enough? When the greatest thing you could profit is bigger and better than money: love.

Pre-Order NOW!
Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA
*Other retailers on release day!

Profited_Lacey Black_I'll Never Forget_Teaser


I’m lost in those steel gray eyes while we continue to ignore all conversation around us. When they announce that dinner is being served, we pull our eyes away from each other. A delicious smelling plate is placed before me, but my mind won’t calm down enough to even enjoy it. I keep thinking about those all-consuming, carnal eyes and the unspoken words they said to me. Like a deer in a field with a lone wolf, I know that my time is limited. I’m about to be devoured. Consumed.

And the food in front of me is the last thing on my mind.

“Eat,” he whispers against my ear. “You’re going to need your energy.”

I swear my sharp inhale can be felt by everyone in the room, and certainly heard. But when I look up, all conversations and dining around me seems to continue. Risking a quick glance over at Reid, I watch as he slowly moves a piece of steak towards his mouth. Using his teeth, he gently pulls the meat from his fork in the most erotic display of eating I’ve ever witnessed. My body shivers with anticipation as goose bumps pepper my heated skin. Reid does nothing to hide the smirk on his lips as he slowly chews his food.

I practically orgasm in my seat.

“Eat,” he whispers heatedly with a wink, that knowing smirk still plastered on his face.



Missed the first book in the series? Grab Submerged, here:
Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA ~ B&N

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Music Notes is LIVE!

🎼 🎤 ** It’s Live ** 🎤 🎼

Music Notes is live at most retailers!! I am still patiently waiting on B&N. I’ll be sure to post the link as soon as it’s live!

Are you ready for the ultimate showdown in reality show competition!? Sparks fly when this contestant meets her country superstar coach!


“…. it truly feels real, like we are right there with her. I had to remind myself several times that I was in fact reading a story.” ~Goodreads Review

“Holy crap!!! I was hooked from the very beginning of this book!!!” ~Goodreads Review

Get your copy today for $2.99!
Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA ~ iBooks ~ Kobo
B&N Coming Soon!


And don’t forget to join the fun Facebook group I’m a part of for Release Day Giveaways! Join Alphas & Fairytales HERE!

Thank you to all the readers, bloggers, and fellow authors for making today an amazing release day! Your messages, posts, and notes are so very appreciated!

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Ticket Giveaway to Readers & Writers Louisville 2016

I am SO excited to have giveaway tickets to Readers & Writers Louisville 2016! The event is May 14, 2016 in Louisville, KY. We have a great line-up of authors and hot models who will be attending! Don’t miss your chance to meet the authors, get signed books, and maybe a photo op with models Lance Jones & Matthew Hosea!

And I have a giveaway for a general admission ticket available for 2 different winners! Where do you go for the giveaway? Head over to my FB Page HERE to find the giveaway! Giveaway is open through Sunday, March 20th.

Get your tickets to R&W Louisville 2016 NOW!

They are currently Buy 1 – Get 1 FREE! A perfect weekend trip for the girls!


Don’t forget to enter the code BOGOKY at checkout to get your free ticket! And if you are going, please send me a PM on FB or an email at I might have a little something special set aside for my newsletter/blog followers who attend the event.

Go forth and enter! See you in Kentucky!

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Pre-Order Music Notes

2016 is shaping up to be a great year so far, and I am SO excited to March to finally be here!

Music Notes cover

My next release, Music Notes, hits e-readers on March 22nd. This standalone contemporary romance novel is witty and filled with sexual tension! Have you ever wanted to know what happens behind the scenes at a reality show?  Follow Layne Carter’s journey into reality show greatness and see who becomes the next RISING STAR!


Pre-Order Links:
Amazon US ~ Amazon UK ~ Amazon CA
Other retailers closer to release day.

Watch for ticket information on 2 Books Signings coming soon!
May 14th – Readers and Writers Louisville KY 2016
July 9 – Writers on the River in Peoria IL

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